Visiting Fændrikhus in Gribskov

Saturday, 29th

Along with Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik visited Crown Prince Frederik, Crown Princess Mary and their four children Fændrikhus in Gribskov in Esrum Boat tours oldest boat, the 100-year-old Viking. They are all staying at Fredensborg Castle 

Boat tour Esrum Lake
In the early 1720s used Frederik IV storerooms lake for fishing appetites. Today the place is known for its boat tours. Around the lake are several places boats can dock where there is opportunity for a picnic or can be used for bigger events which was the case this weekend. The group Nordkystfortællerne has organized a mini festival 'Woodstories''. 19 storytellers from Denmark, Sweden and the Faroe Islands were gathered to take part in the festival. Read more here

Like any other family, parts of the Danish royal family enjoyed the weekend together with a boat tour in Esrum lake near by Fændrikhus in Gribskov where the mini festival Woodstories took place. It was the 100 year old Viking (a boat) which transported the royal family members from A to B followed by another boat -Thor- with four security guards onboard. Like the weather, the family members were in a good mood ready to spend the day together. It was Queen Margrethe, Prince Henrik, their oldest son Crown Prince Frederik, his wife and four children including two dachshunds and a border collie who surprised both organizers, audience and tourists with their visit. According to SN the family really seemed to enjoy the day: Frederik and his father listened to all the stories which was told along with Christian meanwhile Mary used the time to play croquet (seemed to entertain Ziggy as well) with the other kids whom also fished in the lake with Frederik. On their way back to the mainland all their faces expressed that it had been a really good day. Am I the only one who, for a moment, wanted to have been there along with the royal family?

The weather was splendid this weekend. I celebrated my dad on his birthday on Saturday and we spend all day on the terrace all cover by lovely warm sun. I imagine the royal family enjoyed the day as most other Danes that day. Because of the weather, and occasion, Mary was dressed very casual in a white blouse featuring lace details and a pair of new printed trousers. The blouse she has worn at a previous event when she visited Myanmar two year ago but I have never be able to identify it. Still today, I have no idea where to find it. Maybe the blouse could be from the same designer as her trousers? Because on the other hand I managed to find her new printed trousers. These features a significant print of beautiful cranes. Not something we see often; Mary wearing printed trousers with such a... special print. Quickly I learned that this print is designed by Rabens Saloner available in several different colours both as blouses, kimonos and trousers. Unfortunately I didn't manage to find the exact same model as Mary, therefor two links below -one for the colour and one for the model. As the blouse, her hat is a reused one seen at the opening of Garden Living Fair in 2011 and the first day on a official visit in Australia in 2011. Lovely to see it again after so many years! Embracing the summer chic style I think she wore her t-strap Prada sandals and some colourful bracelets. Despite I'm a little surprised by the trousers, I wouldn't mind wearing this outfit on a hot summer day!

Trousers: Rabens Saloner Ika Crane Pants Green + ILDA Crane Pants Black

Possible ID's
Sandals: Prada Leather T-strap Cage Sandals

Christening in Sweden

Friday, May 27th

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary attended the christening of Prince Oscar, second child of Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel of Sweden. It took place in Stockholm, Sweden. 1 1 1 2 3 4

Crown Prince Frederik & Crown Princess Mary arrives to the Royal Chapel, Stockholm

So a few days late I'm not ready to give you a complete post from the big christening in Sweden on Friday taking place in the Royal Chapel, Stockholm. It all began at 12:00 pm. local time, my guess is that the Crown Prince Couple arrived to Sweden a few hours before. I haven't really been able to find out exactly when or if they flew or not -my guess is that they did. The couple were welcomed at Swedish royal palace informally not quite ready to attend the christening yet. But they both seemed very happy.

Of course is the arrival not as exciting as the christening taken place a few hours later, not even close to but still I'm pretty interesting in Mary's outfit. Now and then we get to see these pictures taken at their arrival especially are they interesting when they arrive for something like a christening or a wedding because most often Mary is dressed a little different, a little more informal of course I tend to day and the fact that we get to see her hair without any hats or huge feathers hiding it. That is exactly what we did. Arriving to the Swedish royal palace she was dressed in slim trousers and a matching navy blue coat. Unfortunately we only get to see her from behind. As the classy lady she is, she accessorized it with a pair of lovely brown pumps and her caramel Ralph Lauren bag we can only dream of. I just love what I see. Don't you? A shame we did not get a clearer picture of her outfit

Bag: Ralph Lauren Soft Ricky Bag
Crown Prince Frederik & Crown Princess Mary attends the christening in the Royal Chapel

Shortly before 12:00 pm. local time, all guests started arriving to the royal chapel in Stockholm, Sweden, to attend the first of two christenings this year. It was time for Crown Princess Victoria and her husband Prince Daniel to christen their second child, a son by the name Prince Oscar that looks just like his older sister (!). Guests from near and far were all gathered to celebrate this little fellow who was born in March. Of course attended the Danish Crown Prince Couple as close friends, and family, in the christening. Also because Frederik has been chosen to become Prince Oscar's godfather along with Crown Princess Mette-Marit of Norway, Princess Madeleine of Sweden (his aunt), Oscar Magnuson (Victoria's cousin) and Hans Åström (Daniel's cousin). As Frederik is now godfather of Prince Oscar, Mary is the godmother for his sister Princess Estelle. Because of this was Mary accompanied by Crown Prince Haakon of Norway and Frederik went with Crown Princess Mette-Marit of Norway. All four of them seemed really to enjoy each others company. In first row Mary followed the christening next to handsome Crown Prince Haakon who was sitting right next to Prince Carl Philip and his wife Princess Sofia. I don't think you get a better seat than this one. During the christening, the godparents delivered a reading and as a sign of blessing, held their hands above the little Prince. All traditions we do not see at a christening in Denmark. It usual, I think it was a true pleasure watching the ceremony which was followed by a reception and lunch in which the Crown Prince Couple also attended.

Breathtaking as always Mary stunned most of the world's fashion passioned royalists with her edgy  look. It was truly a remarkable outfit. If you adore Mary's usual looks you weren't disappointed by what she wore on Friday at the christening in Stockholm. Right away I thought of Queen Máxima of the Netherlands because of the wide brimmed hat and simple but impressively stylish dress. Because her outfit reminded me so much of something Queen Máxima would wear I immediately started searching the new dress at some of her usual designers or designers matching her style - Natan, Max Mara, L.K. Bennett, Ted Baker etc. Think I tried 25-30 different designers without a single similar design at all. Meanwhile I was in contact with a good friend of mine and we shared thoughts but still, we didn't find a thing. Then suddenly she, Kate, shared with me a dress with a similar print, which I still can't describe (floral?) from Max Mara (Max Mara Elegante). Shortly after she found gold, because Mary's new dress is in fact from Max Mara!! Simply dazzling. As the dress, she wore a lovely black Susanne Juul hat featuring a huge creamy white flower. Both earrings, one of the two bracelets and the ring featuring a black pearl are from talented Dulong Fine Jewelry (former known under the name Marianne Dulong) and with a pair of black pointed pumps from Gianvito Rossi she just amazed me! In the same style as the rest of her outfit she wore a checkered clutch, seen at a few events before this one, but I have never been able to identify it. I once found a similar one at Prada but this has no logo. What's your thoughts? The rather monochrome outfit she spiced up with a grouch of coral nail polish as well as a matching lipgloss. Seriously, what is not to love about it?

As guests I have to make a short comment on a few women that really impressed me:

Princess Sofia's outfit, because *** she looked like a princess! I'm so impressed by the dress she wore, it looks so good on her. It embraces her beautiful figure and gives her a special glove because of the blue colour.

Princess Madeleine because of her chose with the powder pink dress featuring the most incredible sleeves I have ever seen. Gorgeous looking was she wearing that huge flower in her hair. 
Dress: Max Mara Silk Dress, Ivory
Earrings: Dulong Fine Jewelry Hook & Eye Earrings
Ring: Dulong Fine Jewelry
Bracelet: Dulong Fine Jewelry Esme Bracelet
Hat: Susanne Juul Straw Hat 1 + 2
Shoes: Gianvito Rossi Mesh-Pameled Suede Pumps

Congratulations Crown Prince Frederik!!!

The flag is raised because we are celebration Denmark's future king, Crown Prince Frederik who, today, turns 48 years old. Hooray! I will admit that I am not old enough to remember Frederick's early years nor childhood, unfortunately, but for the last 12-13 years I have followed his life as much as his wife's. Like his grandfather, King Frederik 9., he is truly loved by the Danes as well as the rest of the world for his calm manner and charming person. Yes, he is indeed a wonderful man. I believe many of us understand why Mary feel in love with him. What better way to celebrate him than  purchasing this. I can't wait to read it. On behalf of Styleofmary and all its readers I wish Frederik a happy birthday!

Free of Bullying Launched in Nurseries and Daycares

Tuesdays, May 24th

Crown Princess Mary attended the presentation of the Mary Foundation's anti-bullying project Free of Bullying in nurseries and daycares. The launching happened in Vallensbæk Beach. 

The Mary Foundation and their Free of Bullying-project
Free of Bullying (Fri for Mobberi) was launched back in 2007, created by the Mary Foundation and Save the Children (Red Barnet). The projects results preventing bullying has also led to an international interested. Then in 2011 they launched the program internationally under the name Free of Bullying which have helped children in Greenland, Estonia and Island. Read more about Free of Bullying in Denmark and internationally

Like the Mary Foundation, and Mary herself, the Free of Bullying project has been a huge success both in Denmark and abroad. Till today the project was created to the children of the age of kindergarten and pre-school, now it was taken to the next level: nurseries and daycares a little younger audience than what it has previously been. Free of Bullying is developed in collaboration of the Mary Foundation and Save the Children (Red Barnet) which both were represented at the launching taking place in Vallensbæk municipality. As the first municipality in Denmark, so far, Vallensbæk use project in every day's. The sun was shining when Mary around noon arrived to the nursery Sydstjernen where she was welcomed like a Queen by lots of children, Secretary General of Save the Children Jonas Keiding Lindholm and Major Henrik Rasmussen. Inside Mary sat down on a pillow on the floor enjoying some time with all the lovely children who all seemed very interested in this strange new woman with the dark hair. Along with the kids she was singing, dancing and playing with some of the tools from the anti bullying program especially the little purple Free of Bullying-teddy bear was really popular. Mary played along and had a really good time I think interacting with the kids. To me it seems like the most incredible atmosphere. Mary is literally just sitting on the floor paying attention to the kids and nothing else. I imagine her as a mother just like this. The brilliant weather gave an opportunity for all of them to enjoy some time with the Crown Princess out site on the playground. Grounded as always I think it was a great day for everybody. She also paid a visit to the daycare Stien just across the street where she was one more time welcomed by lots of excited children who all wanted a glimpse of the Crown Princess.

Mary just keep surprising me. Over and over again I think we see some outfits that are stylish, innovative and of course extremely beautiful. I know I keep saying that ever time but it's really what gets to me every single time I see new pictures of her. As always she amazed me with today's outfit. Simple and gracefully. I know for sure this is an outfit I will try out with the pair of similar trousers I have in my own wardrobe. Because that was exactly what she wore; a pair of brand new trousers featuring a significant white pattern. My gut told me that is had to be from Julie Fagerholt Heartmade, so I began searching and suddenly they appeared on my screen in the exact same colour with the same pattern. Finally I was right about something. As easy as it was for me to made a guess about the trousers, as troubled have I been trying to figure out where the new white blazer is from. She has worn a white blazer before, here, but it accrue not to be the same. So girls, any ideas? I've tried Zara, Massimo Dutti, By Malene Birger and Ganni. Matching the pattern of her trousers and white blazer she wore a plane white blouse. Can't really tell anything about it. Shoes are much more interest. A a pair of navy blue suede wedges I believe is a reuse, here & here & here. Unfortunately have these never really been ID'd. Some says L.K. Bennett and some says Christian Louboutin. I have claimed both but is not sure about any of them. I founded one at a brand called Bandolino which looks quite similar as well. What have you hear about these? I kinda love them pretty much. She added jewellery from Dulong Fine Jewelery to sparkle on a sunny day. 
Trousers: Julie Fagerholt Heartmade Novo Navy
Bracelet: Dulong Fine Jewelry Grand Pacific Bracelet
Bracelet: Dulong Fine Jewelry Esme Bracelet
Bracelet: Dulong Fine Jewelry Piccolo Bracelet
Earrings: Dulong Fine Jewelry