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For four days ago Mary wore an absolutely wonderful new blue coat which I and many of you has been looking for. But it certainly not been easy. But one did not give up and have found out that the midnight blue coat is from Oscar de la Renta!!!! And that one is the owner of T&T – Tesouras & Tiaras Lurdes! thanks for your help in the search for the beautiful new coat.

Embellished Silk-Faille Coat, on the designer and described in this way: “Oscar de la Renta is expert in occasionwear and this navy silk-faille coat will add celebratory panache to everything you style it with. It features the most elegant of silhouettes fitting close at the body and fuller from the hips while crystal embellishment delicately adorns the neckline” The coat is made of 100% silk, the price is DKK 16,525.00

‘Get the style’ - August

There was no doubt who was this month's winner! The clothes she wore at one of her unofficial jobs won. You gave me a great job by making this outfit win because it is not easy to find a dress similar to it ;) I have done what I could, with the help from two amazing readers - Boryana & Lurdes - I thank you for your help!! I look forward to the next month and I hope you're ready to join me. P.s. I have made a new post at Royalista about the Order of the Elephant, if you would like to read it.

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Teri Jon Ponte Stripe Dress DKK 2613.39      Alexander McQueen Piped crepe dress €1,395       DVF stretch dress €360

image               image
Aurélie Bidermann Cheyne Walk €125.00     mariechavez Pearl Earring $18.00    MICHAELA Pearl earrings £15.00

image          imageimage
Diane Kordas Diamond necklace €1,075.53      Annabella Lilly Necklace              $30.00 Monki Karla DKK 80

Mociun Mini Hexagon $253.00            Gorjana Griffin Taner Charm $45.00            Finesse Gold Bracelet £60.00

image               image               image
Karl Lagerfeld Marais DKK 1671.35            It's Time Watch DKK 197,74           Michael Kors Vintage glam $180.00


Tuesday, August 26

Although it was not part of Crown Princess Mary's official calendar, The Mary Foundation put some pictures up on their facebook page where Mary visits 'Mødrehjælpen' in Copenhagen. These mothers have been helped by 'Råd til Livet’ (Advice for Life) who help abused women.

- MaryFonden

I myself am a big fan of the navy blue color and love to see Mary use it! When she at the meeting with the 'Mødrehjælpen' she wore a navy silk blouse, Kate - one of my great readers believe that it comes from BOSS Hugo Boss which I think is right. According to Princesses Watchers her new pants is also from BOSS Hugo Boss which the Spanish Queen Letizia previously have worn. In her ears she wore a new pair of earrings from the Danish brand Jewlscph with three different colored stones which matched the blue color in the blouse and pants. Good choice! The lovely brown bag is from Ralph Lauren – am I the only one who would like to own this?!

BOSS Hugo Boss Ivemara, the silk blouse is from the BOSS Black collection. The high neckline and the elbow lenght sleeves gives the blouse a modern look.

BOSS Hugo Boss capri pants

Jewlscph - 211513 - 24 kt. gold - forgyldt sølv - Lapis lazuli, labradorit, hvid månesten - DKK 2199
Jewlscph 211513, the earrings are made of 24 kt. plated silver with three different kinds of stone – white moonstone, Labradorite and Lapis lazuli, the price is DKK 2,199.00

Orit Elhanati, The Abyss necklace, it’s made of 18 kt. yellow gold and the price is DKK 10,300.00. It is from the 2014 “The Abyss” edition.

Ralph Lauren Soft Ricky, it is handmade of brown leather and it costs $2,500.00

Melbourne Symphony Orchestra in Tivoli

Monday, August 25

Crown Princess Mary attended the concert of ‘Melbourne Symphony Orchestra’ in Tivoli, Copenhagen. The concert takes place in the concerthall.

- Billed bladet

Mary surprised everyone with the stunning navy blue outfit. I first thought it was a dress, but the more I look at it I think i must be some kind of coat because at some pictures you can see that she has a dress or skirt underneath. And it is possible to open it all the way down on the front. But what exactly is it that makes this so elegant? First, it is Mary's great figure! Then the length that goes straight to the knee, which makes it young and modern. The blue color is the symbol of royalty and model is very simple with the ornaments of stone on the top. According to Royalista the blue clutch is from the Danish brand Carlend Copenhagen who makes quality handbags of genuine leather from, for example crocodile. I think I found the new suede shoes she was wearing, they are from Gianvito Rossi. If you take a look at one of the pictures which shows her face you’ll see that her eye make up also is navy – perfect detail! On her right hand she wore a new ring with two colors, purple and black/navy.

Gianvito Rossi Suede pumps in navy, $328.00


Photos Agnés Colbert

Everyday work

Friday, August 21

Unofficially work. Crown Princess Mary is also working without press is invited. Yesterday she attended a meeting with the minister Mogens Jensen on the parliament Intergroup ‘Network for Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights’.


Although it was an unofficial work, Mary was certainly not dressed badly. She attended the meeting wearing a brand new dress by Danish designer Signe Bøgelund-Jensen, as we have repeatedly seen her. The dress is so new that it first hits the stores in September, it is from her SS14 collection. The dress has been identified by P.G. the amazing reader!! In her ears, she had a pair of gold earrings with white pearls from Marianne Dulong and on her left arm she carried, what I think is, a new gold bracelet.

Signe Bøgelund-Jensen dress, here you have the right model but it’s not the right colors as you see. I’m sure when the clothes from the SS14 collection are available in the stores there will be more pictures. If you find them before me, let me know!