CPH Fashion Week: Ole Yde

Thursday, January 29

Crown Princess Mary attended the Ole Yde fashion show tonight. It took place at the Hotel D' Angleterre in Copenhagen which is known to be one of Denmark's most exclusive hotels.

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I know, I know. Not so many pictures has been published yet but I just have to make this update to you because she wore such stunning things tonight at the YDE fashion show and the next two days I will not be here to post. Therefore, you get it right here right now!

It’s no secret that I love Mary and her style but I also love to follow the fashion world in general and as you might have some designer-favorite’s, I also have some. And tonight Mary wore several of these thing I adore the most: plaid fabric, Georg Jensen jewelry and Gianvito Rossi shoes. Not just ‘something’ no exactly the same as she wore. First of all her new black/white checkered jacket from the designer who hosted the show Ole Yde. Then she wore a new amazing nacklace of silver from Georg Jensen designed by Astrid Fog and a new pair of bladk suede Gianvito Rossi pumps with a very special shape. She also wore, if I’m right, a black leather clutch.

Ole yde checkered peplum jacket 
This jacket is from his Spring/Summer 2015 ‘YDE’ collection. It has three-quarter sleeves and around the waist it has the peplum effect which is so modern right now.

Georg Jensen Sterling silver necklace DKK 16,000.00
It was designed in 1971 by Astrid Fog, one of the many guest designers for Georg Jensen. This stunning design was first launched in 2013 and is my absolutly pieces of jewelry!

Georg Jensen Vivianna Pavé 326 $19,995.00
I’m sure you can’t find a more exclusive watch than this Vivianna watch also from Georg Jensen. It’s designed by Vivianna Torun Bülow-Hübe more than forty years ago. What’s more amazing is that there are 640 diamonds on it. What a job! Which also makes it that expensive. A really classic and stylish design.

Gianvito Rossi Winged pumps
I’m always overwhelmed by Rossi shoes, he differnetly knows how to design stylish, elegant and sexy shoes. He has a very unique way to design them which makes it possible to recognize them and these are more then stunning. The first time I saw then I had to have same one in the same style, everything is so polished and I had the hope Mary someday would wear them AND NOW SHE DID. The heel is 4 inch, she sole is made of leathe and the rest are made of suede.

I can’t stop my excitement!

Copenhagen Fashion week has begun

Wednesday, Jauary 28

Unofficially Crown Princess Mary appeared as a guest of honor for Mark Kenly Domino Tan’s fashion show wednesday, the same day as Copenhagen Fashion Week started. Crown Princess Mary had her seat right next to the runway.

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Since Mary came to Denmark in 2002/2003, before she married Frederik, she has been known as the ‘fashion princess’. Several years later she told in an interview that she not only wanted to be known for her style but also something else and we have to admit that since then she has shown us she is much more then just fashion shows. Anyway, I still think it's great when she shows up and showing us that you can do both. The recent years I have missed her. But this year she will be there and yesterday she addended Mark Kenly Domino Tan’s fashion show in a brand new Baum und Pferdgarten coat with orange details! Thank you so much for helping me, Kate & Lurdes!

The last few years she has been open to use more bright and shiny colors like the orange one. A little surprising to see her in these colors. If you take a look at Baum und Pferdgarten’s Instagram page HERE, you’ll see that many commeting on where to buy the coat but it semse like the cape worn on the runway is the only one and this has been given to Mary, accordring to Baum und Pfergarten. They have made many other models that looks like. Then I think she also wore a new blouse with a high neck. Because she all the time is wearing the coat I can’t tell where it’s from. Please, tell me if you recognize it. To complete the outfit she wore black pants and some new ankle boots in light grey.

As accessories she had chosen a pair of flower earrings from the Danish brand Jewlscph, a ring on her right hand and her golden Shamballa Jewelry bracelet. Over her shoulder she had a bag.

Baum und Pfergarten Coat with orange details and a belt
The coat is from their Copenhagen Collectiom, Spring/Summer 2014.

Jewlscph Glam Flower earrings 2,899 €
These beautiful flower earrings are made of black sterling silver, 18 karat gold and the petals are diamonds.

Fashion news!

Mary visited, back in May 2014, the residence for young people called ‘HOME’ on occasion of the Child Welfare Day (Børnehjælpsdagen) which she also is patron for. I clearly remember my exitment for her outfit that specific day becauses I’m a in love with any kind of blue colors, collars and peplum dresses/tops and that exactly what she is wearing. Now you might have guessed that I want you to take a look at her blouse. At that time I had no idea who had designed it, I do now. Her name is Trine Skoller and she’s the designer at Stella Nova. I assume her peplum is from one of her 2014 collection because that’s when Mary wore it and it was published on her Facebook page.

I have found a model that looks a lot like Mary’s, not quite the same, also from Stella Nova to you who just NEED to have it! HERE

Stella nova - summer blouse
Stella Nova Summer blouse

Her clothes in my wardrobe… almost

To follow Crown Princess Mary and her style makes it even more great to actually own some of the same things as her. I’m one of those girls who loves clothes, shoes and all kinds of accessories and I have my own personal walk-in-closet with lots of colors, patterns, lace, dresses, tops etc. And my wardrobe have the last few years become the home for a little of the same clothes as Mary. This posts has nothing to do with my little challange I wrote about yesterday but finaly I had the change to finish it and I thought you might like to see the final result.

Just to make sure, this is my own pictures from my own closet.


First we have here a skirt custom-made to me witch means it is not the same brand, Sziggy copenhagen, as hers. But the model and material is the same. It was a gift I got last summer and literally wore it all summer with a black tank-top just like Mary. Or as a dress. The skirt is floor-length (maxi skirt) and has a wide elastic band around the hips. I’m not the most tall person but I love this skirt and if you not already owns one of these, it’s the most ideal must have to the summer of 2015.

Mary wore her skirt on a vacation in Miami, back in 2009 with a pair of flats, a black tank-top and sunglasses. See a picture HERE.

Everybody were blown away when she wore this dark green blouse three years ago with a pair of high waisted pants. I’m so much in love with the color it is perfect for the Autumn and Winter season. I wear the blouse together with some jeans (bootcut or skinny jeans), a pencil skirt or my vintage wide leg pant like she wore. You can mix and match in so many ways. It goes perfectly for a everyday and evening outfit. Malene Birger is the designer of this ‘Hania’ blouse.

In 2012 she wore this when she participated in the Copenhagen fashion week. See pictures of her lovely, simpel and modern outfit HERE.

This creamy Rosemunde Copenhagen lace blouse is simply stunning. For me there is nothing more amazing then lace clothes, it can be ultra feminine or more cool mixed with some dark colors. The blouse have the beautiful name ‘Clude dancer’ (DKK 899). A detail I love about this is the peplum which was so modern in 2014 and I think will be used just as much this year. I look forward to use it all Spring and Summer.

In 2014 Mary wore several new things from Rosemunde Copenhagen and this blouse was worn when she participated in the campaign called ‘Children, Youth and Grief’. She wore it with a pair of pink/white pattern capri pants. See pictures HERE.

One of my personal favorite dresses in Mary’s wardrobe is this gorgeous black dress by Designers Remix by Charlotte Eskildsen. Unfortunately, she has only worn it once several years ago. I’m not completely sure of the story but something about she designing it to Mary and later made it a part of her own colletion. Everything is briliant it – the length, round neckline, the sleeves and expression of the style. I was almost screaming of joy when I had this! Understand me?

Mary wore it when she attended the ECCO Walk IN Style Award in 2010 with a pair of black pumps, wool cape and burgundy nail polish. See the pictures HERE and be inspired. 

One more summer By Malene Birger blouse (DKK 1,699). Aren’t the pattern great?! Even though the patter have some bright colors it’s actually quite easy to match things with it. Maybe a pencil skirt like Mary did, light or dark jeans and you have the chance to choose accessories in the same colors as the pattern. What I like about this blouse is the V-neck and the other details down on the front. I had this for my 18th birthday!

In 2011, when Mary and Frederik took their twins to Australia, she wore it with a pencil skirt, nude pumps and blue belt. See the outfit HERE.

My one and only BOSS Hugo Boss ‘Djamila’ floral dress! A 100 % silk dress from the Black Label Fall 2006 collection. Because it is made of silk the dress is amazing to wear. The V-neck shows your cleavage so beautifully. A more amazing dress you can’t find it’s perfect lady like evening dress. Since the dress is from a 2006 collection it can not be bought in the store anylong but I often see it on Ebay.com.

She has worn it several times, also back in 2006, but this was also the dress she showed at the première of her mother-in-laws movie “De Vilde Savner” in 2006. Queen Margrethe made the background pictures to the movie, written by Hans Christian Andersen. See her in the dress HERE.

Look at all that lace on the tunic from DAY Birger et Mikkelsen! It has romantic details everywhere – around the neck, on the sleeves and the creamy color symbolize to me my love to vintage clothes. I would really like to use it with a white pencil skirt as Mary did, unfortunately it does simply not look good on my figure. Therefore I use skinny black pants or a pair of tights. You can style it with oversize jewelry, a watch or just a big scarf. Because of the long sleeves you can use it in the Summer as in the Winter season.

You might already knows when she wore this outfit, to you who don’t it was at a state visit in South Korea in 2012. See her were the tunic with sandals and a pencil skirt HERE.

The last things I want to show you, a long coat from DAY Birger et Mikkelsen (DKK 2,800). As you might know I’m not that tall which makes this coat a bit long but I don’t care. The pattern, as you see in the close-up photo in the middle, is all over the coat and inside is there a rose colored lined which really makes me smile! It’s not that easy to see but there it small silver threads in the pattern so when the sun shines the coat looks like there is glitter all over it. So much in love with this. It makes your day a bit more glamorous.

It is way back in 2006 we last saw her in this coat and as far as I know this is the only time she has worn it. See pictures HERE from the Heart week a campaign made by the Heart Association.

Now I need your help…

It’s no secret that I am a huge fan of Denmark’s Crown Princess Mary. I have been following her the last 10 years, since her first child Princ Christian was born back in 2005. My ‘obsession’ of her started after I in a magazine saw a women who had made a whole wall with pictures of the Royal family. I told my mom that I really really wanted to make a wall like that. And my mom simply answered: “ Then you need start collecting all the pictures you can find in your magazines’ That’s what I did and after 10 years I still haven’t made the wall with pictures but I have literally 5 or 6 folders with categorized paper clippings from any kind of Royal magazine. Beside those, I have one more box, about 15 books, some of her clothes and accessories and more important my precious blog – Style of Mary!

Now I need your help because I would like to make a series of posts with YOUR Mary obsession. So if you have a special way to express your addiction of her you need to tell me and other about it. It could be if you collect the same clothes as she wears, have a disk with a collage of her, a poster, a phone cover etc. Anything. I hope you are into this little challenge. So if you recognize some of the same Mary-fan-symptoms as me I want you to share it with me and everybody else. The first post I will do is about me and my modest collection :) After that yours will come.

I made some few questions to you who wants to participate. Answer these and enclose them when you send me your mail to me on: henriette4-hini@live.dk. And of course if you have anything else you want to tell me about you are more them welcome.

Question Nr. 1) In the first place, why did you choose to follow CP Mary?

Question Nr. 2) Tell me about your Mary-addiction/hobby/obsession and how it started

Question Nr. 3) Why has this become an addiction to you?

Question Nr. 4) Does your loved once think you are a little crazy? ;) – Mine does!

Question Nr. 5) What is/are the next thing you plan to do with your Mary-addiction/hobby/obsession? – Maybe buy a new book, find a new dress like hers…

... And of course send me some pictures if it's possible. 

I look forward to hear all about you and your little or HUGE obsession!

Styleofmary <3