‘State of World population report’

Friday, November 21

United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) launched the 'State of World Population' report that deals with the world's young people. Because of this launch attended Crown Princess Mary as patron.

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Now Mary is back again! I expressed that I was not a big fan of her outfit yesterday, but this outfit is wonderful. I love the combination of the different layers of clothing. I really like the new navy cape which has leather detail on shoulders and the striped short skirt, with stripes both ways. I have spent several hours of finding out where the new things come from, but unfortunately I have to give up. I do not know where to look more and I therefore trust in will help me. It will be a great help to me if in just to make a suggestion. The black turtleneck sweater with long sleeves was perfect because it gave attention to the skirt and also showed how beautiful body she has. Everything fits together in my opinion. I can see she also has some earrings and a ring on her finger, but the pictures I hold shows unfortunately not enough for me to tell you what some it is. Because the skirt is a little short, I like that she has chosen a pair of long suede Prada boots covering the skirt length and makes her legs longer. So her silhouette look even more beautiful. I assume the little black clutch is from Carlend Copenhagen.

And one last thing, of course, also requires attention is the beautiful hairstyle. I love curling my own hair and have it as often as I can. I think Mary is even more beautiful with curls, but she has not often. At first glance I could not see that her hair had changed at all, but it seems no doubt it has. And I like the change!


I hope I will soon have the opportunity to show you the models of the cape and skirt. Please I need your help!

Convention on the Rights of the Child

Thursday, November 20

On the occasion of the UN Children's Convention celebrates 25th of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, Danish Refugee Council choose to focus on children's lives and rights in Myanmar. Therefore Crown Princess Mary visited the Danish refugees school, Løjtegårdsskolen in Kastrup. One class had transformed their classroom so it looked like a refugee tent, which impressed Crown Princess Mary.

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I have to say that I am not a big fan of her new cardigan. I think she usually choose something a little more stylish. I hope she has chosen it because of it was cold outside. For the multi-colored cardigan, which I have not yet figured out where comes from, she wore a black blouse and a pair of black pants with a bit width of the legs. I found some models from Zara that were similiar to the knitted cardigan she wore but non of them was the exact same. The shoes have very likely been a pair of black ankle boots. Around the neck she wore not just a necklace designed by Charlotte Lynggaard, by buying the necklace Mary has helped to support a water project in Africa. The ‘My Friend’ collection is made in collaboration with the Children's Foundation and has already collected more than DKK 1 million.

Charlotte Lynggaard My Friend necklace the penguins available in different sizes and with different types of chains. They are made of 925 silver. The prices depend on the size you choose DKK 1,450.00/2,750.00


I am so lucky to have been asked if I would make a post of Vegas.com along with some other bloggers, called #Cosmopolitan Chic. The task I was given was to show some outfit I would wear at different times of the day. So for a moment, I visit the wonderful Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas.
Let the challenge begin!
Vegas.com offers all the best in hotels, shows, tours and clubs etc. If you visit their website here, I'm sure many of you would want to be there right now. I would in any case!
lg_Cosmo-3---Lobby - ARRIVALimage
J. Band * Charlotte Tilberry * Hobbs London * Proenza Schoulder * Christian Louboutin * Gucci
For me it is always important to look good even when you arrive, so I have decided that my first outfit must be from arrival at the Cosmopolitan. I have a very classic style which certainly quickly will notice. I love when every part of your outfit speaks for itself. The things I've chosen can also easily be combined in a different way so you gets a whole new look. A trendcoat in beige can be used whether it is summer or winter. It is indispensable just as the red lip stick. I guess I'm what you call "addicted" of the red lipstick. And naturally who can live without a pair of black pumps and dark jeans?! The striped blouse, I think emphasizes the classic style with the lipstick. A brown leather bag matches perfectly for the outfit and is very useful.

Nastygirl * Chanel Vintage * Joie a la Place * Dolce & Gabbana * Marysia Swin * Essie

I'm usually not the type who loves to splash around in a pool. But I enjoy lying by the pool on a good chair and feel the sun on your skin. Again, I have chosen something very classic which in turn can be used in other ways. I find great inspiration in the 50s as you might see in this outfit. Although that the bathing suit is black, I love the cute detail at the chest. It can also be used with a pair of colorful shorts. The hair bow is just for fun but it a very used accessory in the 50s, like the great gold bracelet is vintage, that is recycled from that time. Animal print is not something I like very much, but a few accessories are cool as the sunglasses. Brown is a big part of my own wardrobe and is a great basic color, which is why I chose a pair of brown leather sandals. If this outfit should be extra cool, I would recommend 'Forever Yummy' from Essie. The most beautiful red color!

Mango * Nashelle * Dolce & Gabbana * JCPenney * Dan Brown

One of the things I really LOVE when I'm on vacation is to be allowed to read a good book, the time to relax. And this is best done with a book and with this view it can not be better. One of my favorite authors is Dan Brown, his books contain everything! I know the book I have chosen is a few years old, but it should be read. Navy is a color I like very much to use and this short jumpsuit is perfect for the purpose. It is modern, chic and relaxing at the same time. Gold jewelry has over the years become a huge part of my collection and a necklace with your own initial or someone you care fits perfectly with this outfit, such as the ankle bracelet with. Again, the leopard sunglasses really are great for reading on the terrace.

lg_Cosmo-32-Scarpetta - DINNERimage
Burberry * Chicwish * Jose & Maria Barrera * Christian Louboutin * Charlotte Tilberry

Finally, it became dinner time and I have now come to my final outfit. Black is always a good basic color and especially when we are talking about lace. I love using lace in every possible way and here I have chosen it to be a simple blouse with lace so you can see the skin underneath. It is so beautiful! If not everything should be black – that will be a bit borring, I think it's stunning to combine it with a completely different color as the dusty green and red lipstick. In this way, you’ll  notice every different parts of the outfit. The black earrings helps to emphasize the lace is so beautiful in itself. For all the outfits I would choose to have large loose curls because it is so feminine. I am a major “user” of curls, if you can say that!

I hope this post has helped to inspire you, like Mary's style has helped to inspire me.

Photos Vegas.com/Polyvore

The Bambi Charity Award 2014

Thursday, November 13

Crown Princess Mary particiapated, together with Crown Prince Frederik, in The Bambi Charity Award 2012 in Berlin. Crown Princess Mary did also received an award.

The Bambi award was first handed over in 1948. The deer is a symbol of hope in a time where many had a toufh everyday. Originally, the BAMBI was a film prize where the readers of ‘Filmrevue magazine’ chose their favorite big screen star. As the television found their way into more homes, the readers could also chose between the small screen too.

For you who have not seen or read Mary beautiful speech when she received the award, I think you need to take the time to read it, it deserves at least as much attention as her new dress – HERE you can read it by the link “H.K.H. Kronprinsesse Mary’s tale”

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WauW! I am completely overwhelmed by how beautiful Mary was at the award. Her new navy blue, glittering Jesper Høvring dress was breathtaking combined with the most stunning accessories. Because of the hair-do you could see her aquamarine earrings with diamonds which matched the blue dress, just as the huge aquamarine ring on her right hand. At the same arm she wore a Ole Lynggaard diamond bracelet and when you look at her hand then see that she is wearing burgundy nail polish! It’s a great detail together with the red/pink lipstick. One of you send my some pictures of a clutch from Michael Kors which might be the new navy blue clutch she wore. I haven’t found a close-up on the clutch that would make it much easier to see whether it’s the right one or not. Tell me what you think.

Mary and Frederik looked amazing together on the red carpet!

Jesper Høvring Navy blue dress with asymmetric neckline from the AW 2014. As you might have seen, it has been changed a bit because Mary’s dress has a little peplum on the waist and her’s are of course not transparent.
Michael kors - tilda clutch - $170.00
Michael Kors Tilda clutch in navy with a detachable strap $170.00.

Ole Lynggaard Flowers bracelet made of 18kt white gold with 585 diamonds.

”A feast for the eyes. With love for materials and nature, this collection is a tribute to both. Lavish gemstone comes into its own in this elegant collection*

Internationl conference in Copenhagen

Tuesday, November 11

At Christiansborg Castle was held an international conference dealing with FGM/C. As patron of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) Crown Princess Mary held a speech at the conference. In the evening she attended a dinner in occassion of the conference.

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It was a very moved Crown Princess who came to the conference, which is understandable since it is a very sensitive issue. But Mary is not afraid to take it up and has made it clear that something has to be done. She was dressed in a simple black and white outfit; in a black turtleneck dress, a pair of black patent pumps and a long white jacket. The jacket is recycled and was seen on her way back in 2005/2006. It has repeatedly been said that the jacket from Chanel and it may be true because the style is very similar. But I have never found any evidence that it might be true. Either the jacket has changed  or she has two jackets that are similar, you decide: Here, here, here, here  

The small gold earrings with white beads are made by the goldsmith Marianne Dulong. Let us for a moment take a look at her black clutch. I would really like to ask for your help to find it because Mary, the fact have it in several colors - light gray, blue/navy and now black. And I do not know where to find it.

Here you have a close-up picture of the clutch in light grey, I hope this will help you if you would like to help me find out where it’s from!

Photo Agnés Colbert