Language Conference

Monday, March 02

As part of the Mary Foundation's work participates Crown Princess Mary in the Language Conference at the Black Diamond (the Royal Library) in Copenhagen.

The Language Conference is made in collaboration with the Mary Foundation and University of Aalborg to focus on how to  promote children's language aged from 0-6 years.


When Mary arrived at the Black Diamond, she was very smiley and so beautiful in a very simple, business outfit that was a combination of a black suit, a new scarf and a black tote bag. My first thought about who the designer of the suit could be is Hugo Boss, then I was looking for some models and I found this one HERE (picture 16.) Let me hear what you think or if you have found the right one. I have also been looking almost everywhere to find, what I think is a new, scarf and after a looooong time and maybe a 1000 different websites I think I’ve found it! Saint Tropez is the brand behind the scarf, as far as I know this is the first time we have every seen her in this brand. I pretty much like the new scarf with the gery/black leopard pattern it give the outfit a whole new look! Under the black blazer she wore a reused Prada blouse with a fine detail around the neck.

To match this business look she had chosen jewelry with light blue stones ine the same color as the blouse – stunning! Unfortunately I have never been able to find out where both the earrings and the ring comes from. If you know anything or have a suggestion, please leave a comment. On her feet I’m sure she wore her black leather pumps from the Danish designer SAND whose price is DKK 2,195.00 and a black tote bag which might be from Prada.

Saint Tropez Big Leopard Print Scarf DKK 199.00
Both royals and celebrities uses the leopard print such as other animal print on clothes and accessories, so once again Mary follows the trend with this new scarf in simple grey/black colors!

Prada Silk Blouse $145.00
I’m not sure from which collection this blouse is but she has used it several times with different clothes and accessories. This outfit worked very well. It is made of 100% silk. The pictures is of a pre-owned model.

Prada Saffiano Petra
There are a million different models, names, colors, sizes etc. of Prada bags and its not sure this is the right one. Mary’s looks like it’s a little shiny (?). This could be the one she wore.

Our Crown Princess Mary Obsession #1

It has taken much longer than I had expected, but here in the first post on my own Mary obsession. I would like to have my own finish quick so I can get on with yours as I am looking to post so much! When I first started to find all my stuff, it actually surprised me how much I really have. You all know what’s in my wardrobe because of the previous posts so I decided to skip that part. You don’t have to worry I have much more.

Where I store some of my more then hundred magazines

Right away Mary caught my attention, she was beautiful, she was the princess everybody talked about, she had the story any girl at my age would like to have and I had the feeling that she was a bit magical. You know I was 10. And it for real started when a read an article with a woman who had made a whole wall with pictures of the royals – I had to do the same. Years later Styleofmary came. I always had lots of fun trying to find the thing she wore, it is like a treasure hunt and at a time I was the only one who followed Mary and her style so intensely with so much focus on her wardrobe. Now we are several which has made it a little more difficult to find things before anyone else but this is not the main reason why I like this hobby. For me my readers are way more important and I really like to give all of you an experience when you are visiting my blog. There is no doubt that I’m addicted to royals, especially Crown Princess Mary but I don’t know why it has become an addiction to me. Maybe my blog is the reason?

I'm a bit old-fashioned because I love ‘physical’ magazines!

Sometimes it’s not bad to have en addiction, just look at my. I have this amazing blog and one on a known webside, Royalista. I have had the chance to be interviewed twice, met a very dear woman who now is indispensable in my life. Last but not least I got a really great job where to work with royals! After all my parents, friends and family have accepted that the royal-world is one I can’t live without. Without actually knowing it, they must think I’m a little (or pretty much) crazzy! But I like it.
foto 4Actually my great-grandmother was a royalist too (;
What I hope I’ll get the chance to do next is visiting the exhibition in Odense I told you about two/three days ago and of course I’ll be working with Royalista on some very exiting projects! Hope you’ll join us.

All my royal books and the latest book I have bought!
If you now think : "Hey I also want pictures of my things or links to my favourite mary outfit or a link to my favourite royal book” write to me and let me know. I would love to make each of your posts individual.  

‘Tillykke Danmark’ by Mugge – buy here
”Kongehuset” by Karsten Lindhardt – buy here
”Vild med Mary” by Jim Lyngvild & Karen Seneca – buy here
”Europas Kronprinsesser” by Jim Lyngvild & Karen Seneca – buy here
”Audiens” x2 – buy here
”10 år med Mary” by Kristian Bo Eriksen – buy here
”Se de vinker!” by Bo Møller Andersen – buy here

As patron of Rare diagnoses…

Thursday, February 26

… visited Crown Princess Mary the Disability Organization's house in Taastrup, on the occasion of this year's ‘Rare Diseases Day’. She also visited the exhibition which is made to support the Danish Hospital Clowns where children have exhibited their drawings of clowns.

After the visit she handed over this year's Elite Reseach awards on the occasion of Elite Research Conference (EliteForsk) at Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek.

- Sjældne diagnoser on Facebook

I love when Mary is with kids! They become so happy to see her (well you know because she’s a real princess) and she just light up, it’s some amazing moments. In a way there are a kind of spontaneous joy…

I don’t know what you think but somehow has Mary chanced her style and added some more cool and ‘rock and roll’ elements like black, leather, gold jewelry and suede clutches/shoes. I actually like that we see another side of her style. Today she wore a brand new BOSS Hugo Boss dress with a leather top and pencil skirt. Under the dress she had a black thin shirt with long sleeves and a collar. After a look at a close up photo of her black suede boots I found out that it’s not the model I first suggested, there is one little different detail on these; a ruffle around the ankle. It seemse to be a Prada model as well take a look at this pair HERE. It’s not easy to see… Still, I like the boots but it just work better when the skirt or dress is right over her knee.

The jewellry she had chosen are from Marianne Dulong. On some very few pictures I have seen a (new?) light brown suede clutch – did you see a glimpse of it? Well it matches almost too perfectly to the brown color on the dress. We know that she has a suede clutch from Hugo Boss, could this also be from that designer? That’s very likely.

BOSS Hugo Boss Women’s Leather & Twill Check Dress DKK 3,935.00

Marianne Dulong Aqua earrings DKK 13,200.00
These stunning earrings are made of 18 carat gold and Tahiti Pearls. I assume the bracelet is from the same collection ‘Aqua’ because they have a similar style. Unfortunately, it is not available in their webshop.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Wednesday, February 25

Crown Princess Mary attended a reception at Christiansborg which should focus on promoting women's rights in companies using CSR.

What is CSR?
CSR stands for Corporate Social Responsibility and the concept is used in companies' work in relation to integers socially and environmentally with the company's operations and in their interaction with stakeholders. The last few years has this concept become important to run a good business.


This is really something Mary is very passionate about and have in recent years spent much time on issues relating to women and children's rights. So I think it's a great thing for her to attend a reception like this and of course she was dressed suitable in a pair of simple black pant, a new white blouse with a little collar and a short jacket with a round neckline which made it possible to see the sweet collar on the blouse. At the children relay 2014 she also wore this jacket that’s why I can tell it’s from Prada. Unfortunatly I never had the chance to find the model.

With the grey suede ankle boots and the matching leather clutch she gave the look a twist and it became much more stylish! You might recognize the ankle boots from when she showed up to the CPH Fashion week and wore the new orange-striped jacket from Baum und Pferdgarten. The style is the same and I assume the boots are the same. I try to find them. The jewelry she had chosen was a pair of earrings in two colors – navy blue and dark yellow/mustard yellow and diamonds around the pendant as well. On her right wrist she wore two bracelets both from the Danish goldsmith Marianne Dulong and a gold ring with a light blue stone. 

From the Children Relay 2014 with the same short jacket as she wore over the white blouse.

Marianne Dulong Lumina bracelet DKK 30,750.00
Made of 18 carat gold with 8 diamonds. This is only one of many colors the bracelet is available in. You can also have it in silver, white gold and pink gold. They are all lovely!

Marianne Dulong - PICCOLO armbånd - 18 kt guld - koral, spinel, safir, rubin, smaraged, sort diamant  - DKK 9.800,00
Marianne Dulong Piccolo bracelet DKK 9,800.00
It’s made of 18 carat gold and have several different stones as pendant like coral, black diamond and ruby. We saw it on her the first time when she visited Ethiopia last week.

Photo: Agnés Colbert

‘Danish Fashion Now’

Brandts in Odense makes a new exhibition called 'danish fashion now' where they will show the Danish fashion is a trend right now where they also look at how fashion influences our everyday lives. You can read more about it HERE.

But the main reason why I tell you about this is because the exhibition also contains 10 of Crown Princess Mary’s dresses!!! I really hope I’ll get the chance to visit the exhibition but if any of you are that lucky I would love to hear about and maybe see some pictures. Let me know if you take a visit at the ‘Danish Fashion Now’.

You can visit the exhibition from March 27th until September 13th 2015.

"To you who wonder why I haven’t made any posts about ‘Our Mary obsession’ which I asked you to particiapte in, I have to admit that it has taken way too long. And I’m sorry. What I hope is to be able to make the first post within this week. Are you still up to it? I hope so!!!"